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A. B. from Auburn, Massachusetts
Many thanks for your courteous and efficient service to my 1995 Buick LeSabre. My neighbor told me about the great job you did for his problem transmission and said I would not be sorry if I brought my car to you. He sure was right. Your service was great, you explained everything to me and had me back on the road quicker than I had imagined. All at a great price too! 

L. C. from Sterling, Massachusetts
I am very happy to have found a transmission shop who is working with the Amsoil™ synthetic lubricants line. Not too many shops have the foresight to utilize this breakthrough technology that ultimately saves the consumer money, and is good for our environment. To be able to reduce the number of fluid changes over the life of a vehicle and reduce the wear and tear on mechanical components at the same time, thereby extending the life of the vehicle is a win/win on all accounts. Dan and his team are all about "service." I depend on him for all of my transmission needs. 

Stephen B. from Hubbardston, Massachusetts
I want to thank Leominster Transmissions for the prompt and efficient service that I received from your company. My first experience with your company was with my Plymouth Voyager about five years ago. You replaced the transmission in short period of time with no problems and no hassles. Since then I have returned with problems in a different vehicle that you accurately diagnosed even though it didn't result in a new transmission, just minor adjustments. Your honest, quality service saved me money and peace of mind. I recommend you to anyone with transmission problems every chance I get. Thank you for your continued great service. 

Skip B.
Norm - You may remember the blue Jeep Wrangler from Idaho that had a transmission problem. You were right about the computer problem in the transmission. Your repairs allowed us to continue our trip to the Boston area. When we got back to Idaho, we took it to the Jeep dealer we trust (there are 2). It took them a week to get the transmission computer board we discussed with you. So, they had our Jeep for about 2 weeks. We could have stayed in Massachusetts for that same time frame, but we would not have had free transportation like we have at home. We appreciated your professional attitude and workmanship. This is hard to find in most repair shops. Thank you!